Yes the list of things you can use Motomuck products on is endless. It is used for cleaning Golf Buggies, Golf Clubs, Bags and Shoes. Use it for cleaning your Mountain Bike, Road Bike, BMX bike. Remember No Brushes, No Effort. You will be amazed at how your Bike always looks like new.

Got a Boat or a Kayak? Use Motomuck to clean everything down after a mucky fishing trip, even all your fishing gear. So much time is spent cleaning Boats, Yachts, Ferries, Liners, so use Motomuck and spend more time on the water.

Camping Equipment or Hunting gear will clean up fantastically with Motomuck cleaner, and you will find 101 uses for the MotoWipes and the Spilpak 3ply absorbent dri-wipes.