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January 17, 2018
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January 17, 2018
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Wheelmuck+ 5 Litre with Motomuck Squirter



The Motomuck Squirter is the perfect partner to our 5 Litres of Wheelmuck+.

The Motomuck Squirter attaches directly to the 5L bottle of  Wheelmuck+, with an extension tube which allows you to place the product bottle on the ground while trying to spray in those hard to get to spaces, including spraying upside down with no loss of liquid flow.

The Motomuck Squirter has a fully adjustable nozzle from mist to stream, a comfortable grip handle and a filter end to prevent debris ingress.

The Wheelmuck + is a radical brake dust wheel cleaner, that has been specifically designed to remove brake dust effortlessly. It is PH neutral and safe to use on all wheels and painted surfaces. Wheelmuck + is a bit smelly, but you can rest assured that component is 100% biodegradable, and is even used in the cosmetics industry. Wheelmuck + undergoes a colour change from yellow to red as a reaction occurs to dislodge the brake dust iron contaminants, enabling it to be washed away with water.

Wheelmuck + is fast acting and has been specially formulated at a viscosity to allow easy application and to enable it to be very cost effective. No Effort Product!

Note: Prior to attaching to the container, uncoil squirter tube in some hot water to make it more manageable.

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