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Automuck Clean 20 Litre
July 6, 2017
Wheelmuck+ 750ml – Twin Pack
October 12, 2017
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Automuck Clean 1 Litre


with Pro Trigger


1 Litre of AUTOMUCK Clean. This bottle comes with its own Pro trigger sprayer and is great for smaller applications. The trigger is a high quality adjustable unit, and facilitates easy use.

Automuck Clean can be used safely on engines, gearboxes, drive trains, suspension, brakes, radiators, tyres, hoses, guards, panels, aluminium, anodised surfaces, seals, plastics, rubber, glass, carbon fibre, machinery, tools, motorbikes, bicycles, trucks. Proven Formulation, No Acids, Abrasives or Caustic. Superior Results.

Automuck Clean is a non-caustic, acid free cleaner that won’t start fading your vehicles aluminium, alloy or plastics over a period of time. It will however cut through all that new or old grime, and bring out the original lustre that hides beneath that dirt. Once all the dirt is removed, Automuck Clean leaves a protective film which helps prevent dirt sticking, and enhances the surface finish.

No need for brushes to get in to those tight fiddly bits around the motor or elsewhere, just a layer of AUTOMUCK Clean left on for 5-10 minutes, and then sprayed off with a jet of water, ridding the surface of all excess dirt. No need to use a high pressure cleaner, therefore preventing blasting out of grease in all linkages and bearings, and other short and long term damage caused by high pressure cleaners.

Automuck Clean is used extensively in all forms of Motorsport including Track, Offroad, Rally and Speedway, and is endorsed by various Motorsport Champions. It is also perfect for keeping your 4×4 and daily driver sparkling clean with No Brushes, No Effort!

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Automuck application

Automuck application


  • Spray on over wet or dry dirt. If you hosed off excessive dirt, leave a few minutes to drip dry before applying as water can form a dilution barrier on the surface.
  • When using on road vehicle body panels and guards you can dilute as per below, or apply using the detergent bottles that come with high pressure cleaners or hose adaptors.


  • Road vehicle body panels just a quick rub over with a wet sponge.
  • Other parts and muddy panels leave Automuck Clean to soak in for 5 minutes, allowing it to penetrate through the dirt.


  • Spray off with a jet of water and watch the muck fall off. After a couple of uses of Automuck Clean, your vehicle will start looking as clean as new. It just gets better from there on!


Don’t apply on hot surface. Streaking can occur if Original Cleaner tries to remove certain existing automotive products. Some new Nano coatings used in the  automotive industry don’t allow washing with anything other than water alone.Test product on hidden spot to ensure compatibility, prior to application. No Liability will be accepted.


  • Automuck Clean can be applied undiluted. In this ratio it deposits the protective layer on the virgin surface once all muck is removed.
  • Dilute 50:50 with water for regular cleaning. You will notice after about 5 washes, that tiny bits of dirt in heavily soiled areas will still be evident after a wash, and that the surface finish will be less shiny. Just use once as undiluted to reapply the protective coating and regain full shine.
  • Dilute 20:80 with water for scrooge cleaning or body panels and guards. Spray on diluted solution. Sponge all surfaces. Spray off with pressure cleaner or jet of water.

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