About us

Had a dirty weekend? – is our catch phrase.

No effort products – is our tag line and our promise.

We are dedicated to making products that are of high quality, and make life’s chores a lot simpler.

Motomuck was started by Hylton Pause in 2009, being frustrated by not being able to find a cleaner good enough for his beloved vehicles.

There was a lot of testing and our original Motomuck Cleaner eventually became the product Hylton had been looking for.

The rest family were roped in and put to work in the manufacturing, bottling, packaging and delivering, all from the garage in the family home!

Motomuck is wholly NZ developed, and now operates in bigger premises with bases in Auckland and Brisbane.

Motomuck is currently endorsed by multiple NZ World Champions, iconic rally drivers, professional speedway racers, current NZ1 Offroad Champion and many other NZ title holders. Motomuck also have over 300 other competitors that are supported via the sponsorship program.